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Fellowship Ministries


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  • Co-Coordinator: Minister Mathew Winder
  • Co-Coordinator: Minister Cleo Halloway


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  • Co-Coordinator: Minister Cleo Holloway
  • Co-Coordinator: Sister Dawn Teagle

Joshua Generation

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  • Coordinator: TBD


Ebenezer Baptist Church Women’s Ministry is designed to nurture the spiritual, emotional, and relational needs of women. Our purpose is to foster an environment where women can grow in their faith, form strong connections with one another and find support in navigating their relationship with Jesus Christ. Ebenezer’s women’s ministry exists to disciple women to walk in God’s purpose for their lives.

  • Co-Coordinator: Sister Dawn Teagle
  • Co-Coordinator: TBD


The purpose of an Ebenezer Baptist Church (EBC) Men’s ministry is to create Disciples of the men with whom we come into contact. Equipping and nurturing men to cultivate Christ-like leaders for the home, community, and Church. This includes Biblical training and equipping men in our ministry to accomplish an effective men’s ministry which should be Christ-centered, prayer-focused, word-impacted, relationship-building and ministry-engaging.

The EBC Men’s Ministry provides a multi-faceted ministry that will help change a community while inspiring the men of our church. The Ministry helps turbo-charge the faith of men in our church to reach the world for Christ. Dedicated Ebenezer Baptist Church Christ like labor to build Christ-like character within individuals impacted by the work of Christs Church. While inspiring the men of Ebenezer with a vision to impact their community for Christ. The EBC Men’s Ministry provides a strategic men’s ministry that will grow men in our church and share Christ’s love in tangible ways in our community. The Ministry provides opportunities specifically for men to fulfill God’s purposes in their lives of worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and mission.

  • Chairperson: Brother Marcel Canady
  • Vice Chairperson: Brother Ronald Riley
  • Secretary: Brother Tim Burton
  • Treasurer: Brother Llyod Weldon


The vision of Love Connecting is to model the biblical view of marriage as a God-given union of one man and one woman, for the purpose of serving God. Our mission is to create an environment that nurtures love for God, develops loving relationships with one another, and models these relationships to everyone we meet. The ministry is rooted in 1Corinthians 13: 1-7, using the characteristics of Christian love to strengthen personal relationships. Love Connecting, challenges all individuals to grow spiritually and to apply the tenets of these scriptures to Christian relationships.
  • Co-Coordinator: Minister Matthew Winder
  • Co-Coordinator: Sister Stephanie Winder