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Ebenezer Ministries

Church Administration

The purpose of the Church Administration is to organize information, manage team logistics, communicate information relating to the church calendar and building usage, and work toward keeping the day-to-day operations at Ebenezer organized and clear.

  • Church Secretary: Sister Sandra L. Green
  • Pastors Assistant: Sister Eva Bland
  • Church Clerk: Sister Cynthia Burwell
  • Facility Manager: Brother Bobby Bland


The ministry, comprised of Deacons and Deaconess, exist to serve Ebenezer’s membership. Through the EBC Family Ministry, the Diaconate serves the practical needs of the congregation and supports the spiritual services, fellowship and outreach programs and initiatives outlined by the Pastor. The Diaconate builds unity across the congregation, oversees baptismal and holy communion services, and supports the needs of the community.


  • Chair: Deaconess Chenelle Harris
  • Vice Chair: Deacon Ron Riley
  • Secretary: Deacon Timothy Burton
  • Treasurer: Deacon Thomas Sumpter
  • Deacon George Bright
  • Deaconess Joyce Bright
  • Deaconess Ronda Burton
  • Deaconess Cynthia Burwell
  • Deacon Pete Burwell
  • Deaconess Brenda Coston
  • Deaconess Jeanette Grase
  • Deacon Andre Harris
  • Deaconess Mary Joe
  • Deaconess Helen Johnson
  • Deaconess Gladys Jordan
  • Deaconess Barbara Riley
  • Deaconess Bernice Stevens
  • Deacon Charles Stevens
  • Deaconess Carolyn Waites
  • Deaconess Delores Whitfield
  • Deacon Lenard Whitfield
  • Deaconess Stephanie Winder

Ministers Coaltion

The Ministers’ Coalition is a cohort of Ordained and Licensed Ministers who are committed to presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that turns non-Christians into converts, converts into disciples, and disciples into mature fruitful followers, who will in turn help equip, mobilize and transform our local church, our surrounding community and the world for Jesus Christ.

  • Facilitator: Reverend Cleo Holloway
  • Reverend Albert Brooks
  • Minister Norn Bryant
  • Minister Tanya Frazier
  • Minister Johnie Mae Smith
  • Minister Tony Warren
  • Reverend Ruth Williams
  • Reverend Mathew Winder
  • Reverend Ted Taylor
  • Minister Darryl Austin
  • Minister Margaret Outlaw
  • Minister Eusandra Lane


The Trustee Ministry mission is to under Christ’s Headship and the under-shepherd leadership of our Senior Pastor, responsibly plan, program, allocate and expend the financial resources provided to extend The Gospel to the world; administer the hiring process and supervise all paid non-clerical personnel resources, as well as procure, manage, maintain, protect and properly dispose of Church property.

  • Chairperson: Brother Robert Clegg
  • Vice Chairperson: Brother Marcel Canady
  • Secretary: Sister Gwen East
  • Brother Nathaniel Bitting 
  • Sister Karen Banks
  • Brother Dwight Benton 
  • Brother Bobby Bland 
  • Brother Chris Gethers 
  • Brother Roddy Moore
  • Sister Edith Peters 
  • Brother Renard Whitfield
  • Sister Vickie Torres 

Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry is a creative and innovative ministry designed to serve God and others through food preparation. This ministry encompasses everything from creating menus to food preparation and decorations for church repasts, special programs, and events. The ministry oversees the operation of the kitchen, including its use, cleanliness, inventory, and maintenance of equipment.

  • Co-Coordinator: Sister Delores Whitfield
  • Co-Coordinator: Sister Sheila Bryant
  • Team Members: Sister Sheri Clegg

Armor Bearers

The mission of our Armor Bearers Ministry is to exemplify God’s unwavering love by providing dedicated support and assistance to our beloved Pastor Terrence and Lady Dawn Teagle, along with their immediate family. We stand ready with humility to aid the Pastor during worship services and in the execution of operational duties and initiatives as required. Additionally, we uphold the responsibility of overseeing congregational pastoral acknowledgment programs and events. Through our service, we aim to honor God and uplift our spiritual leaders, fostering a community of care and devotion within our Ebenezer Baptist Church family.
  • Coordinator: Brother George Bright
  • Co-Coordinater: Sister Joyce Bright
  • Sister Rochelle Gethers
  • Brother Ronnie Davis
  • Sister Teresa Harris